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“Emily & Joe”(2023)

A short film for our beloved friends’ wedding.

Based loosely on Everything Everywhere All At Once (as requested by the couple), Kanchalee and Jesse Deganis-Librera produced, wrote, filmed and edited a fantasy short film telling a “what if” story of the newlyweds. The film was screened as part of their rehearsal dinner, and the link was sent to the couple so they could share it with their friends and family.

Kanchalee & Jesse work under the name "Still Moving Moments".

Youtube : Experience Thailand: plant-based Thai food destination for New Yorkers (2022) 

Ep 1 : Plant-based Tom Yum

Kanchalee worked as a remote Video Editor for the Royal Thai Consulate General New York. Her leading role was editing hours of footage into ten minute videos, finding perfect music and b-roll to create a fun YouTube episode.

RAY (2023) 

Based on “Four Mad Humours” (2011), a theater piece created by Gerry Trentham, “Ray” was an ambitious short film adaptation shot during the pandemic in 2021. The most challenging part of this piece was to transform a nonlinear theatrical dance performance into a visual short film. 


This was Kanchalee's first time working using very experimental methods of creation, unlike her previous experience on narrative films and advertisements which always depend on the pre-production process and where collaboration is a must. 


This project involved a half-day of scouting and four full days in a row filming. The team consisted of only one theater choreographer and performer, Gerry Trentham, and two filmmakers; Kanchalee (Wijakpaisarn) & Jesse Deganis-Librera. Working under very limited resources and filming outside in Williamsville, NY knee deep in snow in February, this easily makes this film Kanchalee’s most challenging work. 


Long Live Cinema.

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