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Directed by Women Thailand
Inspired by my volunteer work with Directed by Women in 2015, I brought the idea back to Thailand and started "Directed by Women Thailand" in 2017 as part of the global celebration of female directors. Along with three other team members, "Directed by Women Thailand" writes articles, reviews films, teaches workshops and manages film screenings in Bangkok. 

09/30/17 and 10/01/17 :

Our first job was to set up our booth at Freedom Festival 2017, hosted by Happening Magazine and Friedrich Naumann Foundation Thailand, at ChangChui in Bangkok.


We prepared fun games and activities that helped bring attention to female roles in filmmaking to the festival attendees. Our games included, “Do you think this film is directed by a man or a woman?” and “Which gender do you think works in these crew departments?”


We were selected to be one of the lecturers of “Dream ASEAN” media youth camp, hosted by The Thai Government's Public Relations Department (PRD) and Friedrich Naumann Foundation Thailand. The event was held at the Swissotel Le Concord Hotel, Bangkok.


We succeeded in guiding ASEAN youth through our workshop “Media for Social Impact” by assisting them in creating a video that they presented as a group at the end of the camp.